Bobbie’s Kitchen: Magnolia Bakery’s Brand New Coconut Cream Pie

Pie is my absolute favorite dessert and there is no better classic cream pie than coconut! Since I started at Magnolia Bakery years ago, I have been wanting to add more pies to the menu. So far, 2014 has been a pie-filled year, from our caramel apple hand pies to our brand new coconut cream pie. I love the combination of creamy texture with coarse coconut and, of course, the flavor.


To perfect the Magnolia Bakery coconut cream pie recipe, I started with an old recipe that I used to make years ago. When I gave it a first go, I felt it was lacking the coconut flavor I desired, so I went back to the drawing board with a few tests.

In the first test, I added coconut to the crust, which gave it a great texture. In the second, I added coconut milk to the custard, but I still wanted more flavor!

Finally, in the third test, I found the trick. I added sweetened coconut to the coconut milk as it was heating – the result was coconut perfection!

Magnolia Bakery’s coconut cream pie bites are the perfect portion to satisfy your coconut craving. They have a great proportion of pie crust to filling, resulting in a heavenly combination of crispy, creamy, and coconut.


Get your hands on a slice of coconut cream pie! Available all month in May at your favorite Magnolia Bakery locations.