Just in time for Easter: How to Make Cottontail Cupcakes

Our creative director Linda Facci teaches us how to make your favorite classic vanilla cupcakes into cute little Easter bunnies with this simple DIY!


To make a white chocolate bunny ear cupcake, you’ll need:

–  cupcakes iced with vanilla (white) buttercream and topped with shredded coconut (optional)

bunny ear template

– parchment paper

– white chocolate (we recommend using chips)

– ziplock bag

– mini meringues (optional)


1. Create template of bunny ears or free hand the shape. Place template under parchment paper.

2. Place melted white chocolate into a ziplock bag, snip off the tip

3.  Start to trace the shape of your ear, creating a border

4. Start to fill in the shape with the melted white chocolate

5. Let set for about 30-60 minutes

6. Optional: Use a mini meringue as a cottontail for the bunny!

7. Place the white chocolate ears into your iced cupcake.


– Melt your white chocolate in the microwave in 20 second intervals. Stir in between.

– Place your completed bunny ears in the fridge or freezer to set faster.

– Use milk or dark chocolate instead.

– Make pastel bunny ears by adding a few drops of food coloring to the white chocolate.