How to Make: Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie

It’s officially the season of rhubarb – our favorite crimson stalk! Rhubarb is a great ingredient to use in both sweet and savory dishes and, at Magnolia, we bake a number of desserts with rhubarb and another great seasonal ingredient – strawberries.

Rhubarb can be a tricky ingredient to use. Here are some tips from Bobbie Lloyd, our “Chief Baking Officer” for using the seasonal vegetable:

One trick with rhubarb: It is a very thick stalk so needs a very sharp knife. Be sure to sharpen before you cut the rhubarb.

Fresh rhubarb is available from early winter through early summer depending on the weather each year. It is a vegetable – not a fruit! – and has a unique taste that makes it a favorite in many pies and desserts. It can be used as a sauce over ice cream, combined with fresh strawberries or made into pies, tarts, puddings or breads.

When buying rhubarb, make sure there is no discoloration and that the stalks are firm – not flimsy!

Before cutting your rhubarb, discard any leaves and trim the ends and be sure to wash each stalk thoroughly.

You can also try your hand at baking our strawberry rhubarb crumb cake at home! The Huffington Post recently posted our exclusive recipe:


Happy baking!