How to Make Your Own Clover Cupcake

Make St. Patrick’s Day your lucky day with a special clover cupcake! This is a simple cupcake decoration from our creative director, Linda Facci, that you can create on a “flat-top” iced cupcake.


To make a clover cupcake, you’ll need:

  • Cupcake
  • Green Sanding Sugar
  • A picture of a clover (approx. 1” wide) printed on cardstock
  • Exacto Blade


  1. Print clover on card stock
  2. Cut out clover (save the cutout clover)
  3. Ice your cupcake with a flat top. As an option you can cover the sides of the cupcake with sanding sugar
  4. Center your die-cut cardstock on top of your cupcake
  5. Sprinkle your sugar on top of open area
  6. Lightly pat down the sugar
  7. Gently lift the cardstock to reveal your clover
  8. Admire (and eat) your very own clover cupcake!


  • Make sure your cupcake is freshly iced. The sugar will better adhere to cupcake.
  • If your icing has already dried, you can lightly pat some water on the area where the sugar will be placed.
  • Try icing your cupcake in a different color such as yellow or mint green.
  • Try coating the sides of your cupcake with white sugar.
  • Save the cutout clover and do the reverse on the cupcake!